In order for the glory to fall, we must all take responsibility and begin to earnestly seek for the glory of God to return to the House of God.  However, before the glory can return to the house, it must return to the life of each individual that is in the Body of Christ.  As a corporate body, there was a demand placed on each individual, family and tribe to maintain a holy and spiritually pure life.  In the case when Israel went up against the people of Ai, a small group of their enemies, they were sorely defeated.  (Joshua 7:1 – 26)
          When they returned to their camp, David went before the Lord and asked why they had been defeated by their enemies. The Lord revealed to him that there was sin in the camp.  He was instructed to go family by family, row by row and person by person to find out who had sinned.  After this process of elimination was over, it was revealed that Achin had hid false idols in his tent.  The judgment of this sin was death.  Although it was Achin who sinned, his entire family was judged and, ultimately destroyed. After his sin was judged, they again returned to the battle and, now that the presence of God was with them, they were able to win.
          If we are truly seeking a move of God in the midst of our services, we, as a corporate body of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and believers must all begin to take responsibility for the manifestation of His glory; from the parking lot to the pew; from the pew to the pulpit; we are all carriers of the glory of God and must all remain committed to living a holy life.  We all must live in a way that continues to cultivate His presence and an atmosphere for the manifested glory of God.



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