I am so excited to introduce to you the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network. This powerful kingdom network was birthed out of a divine mandate to bring the nations back to God through prayer. I firmly believe that every kingdom principle is activated and cultivated upon the foundations of prayer. I further believe that prayer is a powerful weapon of offense and defense given to the Body of Christ and, if skillfully engaged, can empower you to walk in levels and realms of spiritual authority.

Prayerlessness is one of the greatest travesties plaguing the Body of Christ. I believe that if you are trained, empowered, and equipped to pray that you, as a kingdom believer will begin to see greater victories in your life, home, school, work place, churches, community, nation and region. Therefore, I invite you to embark upon this kingdom journey with us through this powerful Prayer Network.

What is the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network (GPN)?

The Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network is a subsidiary of Mattie Nottage Ministries, Int’l. The primary focus of this life-changing network is to bring together believers from around the world for one common goal, prayer. Our commitment and dedication are to teach, train, and develop every partner and member in every area of prayer, spiritual warfare, intercession, and deliverance.

Why the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network?

The Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network fosters a unique Prayer & Intercession Training Module developed by Prophetess Mattie Nottage based on over thirty (30) years of experience in cultivating a deep relationship with God. During that time, Prophetess Nottage learned radical tactical skills for victoriously engaging in prayer, spiritual warfare, and deliverance which she imparts to the Body of Christ through the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network.

Who is eligible to join the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network?

Every born again believer, prayer warrior, and intercessor who believes they have been called to the ministry of Prayer and Intercession is eligible to join the Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network.  As a Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Network Partner, you will be eligible to be a part of:

  • Prayer Training Sessions, Webinars, and Seminars
  • PRAYERVERSITY (School of Prayer & Deliverance)
  • The Global Prayer Revolution Revivals & Events
  • Prayer Conference Calls
  • Conferences, Summits, Retreats & Outreach Activities
  • Global Prayer Youth Link
  • Receiving Special Prayer Books and Media Products


Firstly, we would like for every MATTIE NOTTAGE GPN Partner to appreciate that being Partner is an honor and privilege. Prophetess Dr. Mattie Nottage is an authentic prophet and a powerful servant of the Lord who has a divine mandate to win souls for Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God. She is seeking partners who are kingdom minded and desire to help her carry out this kingdom assignment.

Partnership with the MATTIE NOTTAGE GLOBAL PRAYER NETWORK is your investment to help Prophetess Nottage in her global mission for souls. It is also your dedicated commitment to fast at least once per week and pray for Prophetess Mattie Nottage, her husband Apostle Edison Nottage, their family, and ministry.

Your partnership supports Prophetess Nottage to WIN MILLIONS OF SOULS through:


Revival Crusades


Television & Radio Broadcasting


Social Media Broadcasting


Producing & Distributing Books and other Publications


Building Transformation & Empowerment Facilities for Youth & Children


Establishing Prayer Centers around the world


Social Media Broadcasting

How To Become a Mattie Nottage Global Prayer Partner & Member?

Select your membership plan

Select one of the 5 available plans

Pay for your membership

All major credit cards are accepted

Download the App

Download the Mattie Nottage Ministries Intl APP


How soon are my benefits available to me?

Your partnership benefits are available immediately upon you satisfying the enrollment process.

Can my spouse and I become a GPN Partner together?

Whereas we welcome family members or spouses to become a GPN Partners, please note that ALL partners have to sign up separately. Individual accounts are required and benefits will be offered to individual partners.

Can I upgrade my partnership?

Yes, you can upgrade your partnership at anytime.

Do I have to pay the enrollment fee again once I upgrade my partnership level?

If you would like to upgrade your partnership level, you will only be required to pay the enrollment fee difference for your desired level. In addition, your new first month contribution will be required the next month following your upgrade date.

Can I submit my partnership contribution for more than one month a time?

Yes, you can submit your partnership contribution for more than one month at a time. You change your giving pattern in your partnership account online.

Can I cancel my partnership at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your partnership at anytime

Can I transfer my partnership or my benefits to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your partnership or benefits to someone else.

Are my enrollment fee and monthly contribution refundable?

No, your enrollment fee and monthly contribution are non-refundable.

Will you keep my credit card on file?

No, we will not keep your card information on file. Once you set up your reoccurring payments in your account, payments will be deducted automatically.

Will my partnership status be in-active if I miss 1 month contribution?

Your partnership status will only become in-active after 2 missed contribution.

Can I re-instate my partnership?

Yes, it is possible for your partnership to be re-instated once our compliance department is satisfied with all matters pertaining to your account status and personal conduct.

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