The spirit of a thing carries the nature and characteristic of that thing.   Witchcraft is a demonic practice which conjures up devastating attacks to the mind and soul of an individual in an effort to cause harm, injury or pain.

This wicked practice targets the minds of people, can originate from several different sources and can manifest in several different ways.   Some of these ways were generated by the home environment you grew up in or the social environment in which you are connected      known as Household Witchcraft.

Household witchcraft is very subtle because this represents commonly held tendencies, attitudes or beliefs that you were either taught or grew up experiencing but are now working against you; bringing destructive curses upon your life.  These subtle workings are all a part of the enemy’s wicked devices which seek to sabotage your destiny and leave you void of experiencing all that God has for you.  (John 10:10)

For some men, you may have grown up seeing your father smoking, drinking or having a lot of women and at the time he says to you that these are the things you should be doing to prove you are a man.  For some women, they may have grown up seeing their aunts have children out of wedlock and believed that this is how you are supposed to live your life.  On the other hand, some women may have witnessed their father abusing their mother and believe that this is the way a man shows love to a woman, by abusing her.

Household witchcraft can be very subtle.  These practices are so familiar to you that you have unknowingly embraced them as your personality, a part of who you are or a part of what you do.  How many times have someone tried to bring something to your attention and your response, generally is, “Well, that’s just the way I am.” Or “I’m just being myself.” Or, “Well, growing up, this is what we did.”

It has to do with certain beliefs held by family members, friends, coworkers or those believed by a group called your “inner circle” which seek to manipulate your mind and fight against or resist the will, plan and purpose of God in your life.

Anything that fights against the will of God for your life is of the devil.  In 3 John 1:2, the Word of God reveals that above everything else in life, it is the will of the Father that you prosper because your soul is prospering.  The prosperity of your soul speaks to a peace, love, joy and soundness of mind, knowing that everything you are doing is in divine alignment with the will of God for your life. Jesus wants to set you free from household witchcraft so that you can experience your best life ever! (1 John 3:8)



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