Everyday people wake up to the harsh reality that something is not right in their life. Their demonic patterns of repeated failure cannot be explained and trying to figure it out only leads to more frustration.

Unfortunately, many are unaware of what is fighting them and understanding how to gain victory over it is even more perplexing.

One thing they do know for sure, and that is with out a doubt, is that something happened to them during the course of their life, but what, they do not know.

During a healing and deliverance service several years ago, my husband and I were delivering people for almost three (3) days straight with little to know sleep. After nights of casting out thousands and thousands of demons, the Spirit of God simply told us to tell the people that their battle was coming from the kingdom of darkness and that demonic spirits had been sent to hinder them. This type of warfare is what I now call, Second Heaven Warfare.

You see, most people think that their fight is coming from another human being, but what they fail to see is the evil demonic force behind the human that is instigating the entire spiritual battle.

Some people spend most of their lives fighting another person instead of recognizing the real culprit at work.

Satan has done a good job in masking his kingdom to trick, especially Christians, into fighting each other more than recognizing who the real enemy is.

To better understand this let me explain the spiritual dynamics of heavenly realms.

I believe that there are many dimensions in the spirit realm. However, today I would like to reveal to you what I understand about the 3 basic dimensions in the heavenly invisible realm and show you how they affect your everyday life.

The first dimension is the atmospheric realm which is where we live and may consist of the atmosphere around the earth including the clouds etc. God gave man dominion in this realm. The second dimension is what we call the Starry Heaven and that consists of the constellation of stars, planets, etc. It is believed that this is the domain where Satan has set his seat of ruler shop as he was kicked out of Heaven by Michael and His Angels in Revelation 12.

The third Heaven is The Heaven of Heavens and is where the Kingdom of Almighty God is. It is where He dwells and it is where His Throne exists. It cannot be accessed by human flesh and it is the total dominion and Sanctuary of Almighty God.

Satan, from the seat of his domain has set his principalities over regions and territories to control them. He emits his wicked powers from the second heaven seeking to manipulate the prayers and livelihood of God’s people. This is similar to Daniel chapter 10 as we see the prince Of Persia blocked and tried to stop the angel of God from delivering the answer to Daniel for almost twenty-one days.

These demonic princes of darkness are fierce in nature and will stop at nothing to fight you as a Christian from gaining the ultimate victory that God has set in place for your life.

There diabolical goal is to block, stop and frustrate you right out of the Divine will and purpose of God if you allow them.

Your success and ultimate victory in this battle will only be won through persistent and consistent prayer before the Lord. God will send His angel, Michael to defeat every demonic principality, no matter how they try to sabotage your divine destiny.



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