An altar is a dedicated place or a place of sacrifice unto a god or deity. Altar in Hebrew is mizbeah (pronounced miz-bay-akh) and means an altar or to slay. In the Greek, altar is thusiasterian meaning an altar as a place of sacrifice. A sacrifice represents an act of slaughtering an animal or person; a place to offer or give a possession or something of value as an offering to a deity in exchange for a benefit, such as blessings, protection, prosperity, favor and the like.

Entering the place called an altar gives you the legal right to enter the spirit realm. Therefore, the altar is also known as the place where the natural man can connect with the spiritual realm. Every altar is established for a specific reason. This reason can be godly; for a holy purpose or it can also be demonic; for an evil purpose. No matter its purpose, every altar is activated by a sacrifice.

Everything that happens in your life takes place because an altar is in place. If you constantly find yourself being rejected, coming up short, losing out on opportunities or failing at simple tasks then there may be a wicked altar erected with your name on it; whether by deliberate, targeted attacks by wicked or ungodly people or inherited family curses, you must continually destroy wicked altars in your life and seek to erect holy ones.

John 10:10 reveals that Jesus came that you might enjoy an abundant life. In Romans 14:17, the Word of God clearly outlines that  “…the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” This is what Jesus died to bring you; a life that is experienced and enjoyed through the righteousness of God that comes through Jesus, the Christ with the indwelling help of Holy Spirit as you serve a holy God.

PRAYER: I pray that the Spirit of God will help you to expose every ungodly altar in your life and give you the courage to defeat these altars as you seek to diligently erect holy altars through a consistent prayer life, reading the Word of God and through praising and worshipping God.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I decree and declare that as you continually seek to build the holy altars of God in your life that your life will never be the same, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

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