Have you ever wondered why it is so much easier to watch eight (8) hours of football than to spend an hour in prayer?   Or why you count it as nothing to spend $500 on a shopping spree but feel like you are being robbed when asked to sow $100 into the kingdom of God?   It is because we have maladapted to a worldly system full of demonic technology that boasts of greater pleasures and rewards than those offered in the Kingdom of God.

By definition, technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical or intended purposes or the demonstration of the purpose of something.  Technology can further be defined as the application of information to define or demonstrate the purpose of a thing.

Therefore, demonic technology is the application and use of scientific and satanic knowledge for the practical purpose, especially from the demonic kingdom, to manipulate, control and ultimately destroying your life.

It is a demonic network built on the world’s carnal system, demonic doctrine, ungodly knowledge and satanic information all in an effort to subvert your love for God and divine purpose and destiny in God.   (Mark 8:36) This system operates from satan’s demonic kingdom of darkness.   Darkness simply means to be void of light.  Since God is a spirit and He is light and in Him there is no darkness at all, spiritual darkness means to be void of the presence  of God. (1 John 1:5; John 4:24) 

Therefore, the spirit of darkness is a demonic principality which works under the direct instructions of the devil, himself.  Every day, this principality along with a confederation of demons are on assignment, launching and devising destructive strategies to seek to cover the earth with darkness and remove God out of the hearts and minds of  people.

This demonic technology was used against the believers in Jude 1 who were admonished to earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered to them by the Apostles.  Jude further speaks of evil men who crept into the fellowship of believers that day to try subvert their minds and twist the truth of gospel. No doubt, these evil men were being used by a confederation of demons to try to sabotage these believers and cause them to abort their kingdom assignment, walk away from the Church or destroy their relationship with God.

Although, the enemy continues to devise wicked conspiracies against the kingdom of God, we, as believers should also be admonished to earnestly spend time strengthening our faith in and relationship with God.  Spending quality time in the presence of God will help you  to identify and overcome the subtle workings of demonic technology in our life, family, community and nation.



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